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NHL Rumors: Shane Doan’s Continued Search

The situation with Shane Doan and the Phoenix Coyotes is not close to being resolved, so as a result Doan continues to meet with the brass of potential new teams.

He recently met with the Montreal Canadiens, home of his second cousin Carey Price, and now he is visiting another Canadian team clear on the other side of the country: the Vancouver Canucks. (Speaking of the Canucks, rumors of a potential Roberto Luongo trade have died down, though the possibility of him leaving British Columbia does remain.)

There have been some strange back-and-forth contradictions regarding Doan and Greg Jamison, who is attempting to purchase the Coyotes. One version of events says that Doan and Jamison met recently and that Jamison is about $20 million short on his purchasing bid. Another version, from Doan’s agent, says that the two never met and Jamison hasn’t even tried to contact Doan at all.

Doan’s big concern here is the team’s financial stability, but he continues to praise the front office, especially the general manager and coach, who don’t have any real sway in Jamison’s actions.

The city of Glendale, Ariz. has shown the Coyotes a lot of support–recently, City Council approved a lease agreement coupled with tax increases to aid the team, doing so in large part because they saw promise in Jamison’s bid and wanted to support that too.

With a mayoral race on the way in Glendale, at least one candidate, Republican Jerry Weiers, wrote an open letter to Jamison demanding more transparency not only to citizens, but specifically to Doan.

If Doan does decide to decamp from Arizona, his reported asking price of four years at $30 million total may have scared some teams away from attempting to sign him. Still, some teams remain interested, including the Pittsburgh Penguins, who are rumored to have offered him four years at $24 million. Another unnamed Eastern Conference team may have even offered the four-year, $30 million terms he seeks, but there are no names attached to that.

While it is rumored that 16 teams–more than half of the NHL, if you’re keeping count–looked into acquiring Doan’s services, only about six of them have shown very serious interest. He visited the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers last month, made his way up to Canada and could continue to shop the market.

Even though Doan is over the age of 35 and will turn 36 in October, his performance has been steady and intriguing enough to capture some attention. Last season, he had 50 points, which while down from his career high of 78 (2007-08) is still a pretty good achievement, plus he has never had a Coyotes postseason run where he was held pointless, even if the playoff run ended up being only four or five games long. He also recently won the Mark Messier Leadership Award and teams may find some intrigue in his leadership skills.

As long as an impasse remains between Doan and Jamison, though, expect rumors about Doan’s future to continue.