Aly Raisman, Tyler Seguin: Olympic Congratulations for the Local Medalist

By Emma Harger

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been enthralled by the Olympics coverage since it kicked off with Danny Boyle’s huge, multifaceted opening ceremony on July 27. Criticisms of NBC’s coverage aside, it’s been enjoyable to check in on random selections of sports during the day (attempting to learn the rules of fencing has been interesting and it’s bizarrely comforting to hear the voice of Doc Emrick announcing water polo) and then to settle in for primetime coverage of the biggest sports with the American stars.

Like Aly Raisman.

The 18-year-old, 5’2″ Raisman, a native of Needham, Mass., is the captain of the U.S. women’s gymnastics team, dubbed the Fab Five pretty much since the Olympics began and only reinforced when the team won the gold medal in the team final. Raisman has been doing gymnastics since she was just 18 months old and has won medals at many competition levels prior to this, her first Olympics. Now, all five of the young women on the Fab Five are impressive in their own rights–Gabby Douglas has especially been astonishing too–but only one of them is from Massachusetts.

Befitting a young woman from Needham, Raisman is a Boston Bruins fan. Her official Olympics profile declares that she’s a fan and she said that she likes to try to go to games whenever she can. She’s obviously rather busy, but she likes to try to make it to weekend games. I sense an obvious opening for the team to honor a medal-winning hometown woman this coming season.

But Raisman takes it one step further. Not only is she a Bruins fan, but her favorite player is Tyler Seguin, which is great because both of them are avid Twitter users.

In fact, Seguin watched as Raisman and the Fab Five took the team gold. He sent her a congratulatory tweet after:

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

Which Raisman responded to soon after that:

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

Seriously, if the Bruins don’t do something to honor Raisman, perhaps including Seguin giving her a congratulatory bouquet of flowers and a hug or something like that, I’ll eat my hat. Aly Raisman, Tyler Seguin: it’s a golden opportunity (pardon the pun).

Raisman and Douglas are in the hunt for another gold medal in the all-around final, which will air during NBC’s primetime coverage tonight, which also means another potential opportunity for Raisman’s favorite athlete to get in contact with her.

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