Are The Detroit Red Wings Striking Out In Free Agency?

By Daniel Gustkey

The Detroit Red Wings have never been a franchise to overspend for free agent talent, but the perceived lack of aggression from the Detroit front office is concerning for some.  Since losing the Stanley Cup to the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2009, the Red Wings haven’t quite been the same, and some sections of the fan base are more than displeased.

With the likes of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter opting for the unknown quantity that is the Minnesota Wild, and general manager Ken Holland opting not to back the dump truck up for Shea Weber, the Red Wings find themselves in a peculiar spot heading into the latter parts of the summer.  The only real commodities seemingly in the Wings’ radar are former Phoenix Coyotes in Shane Doan and Keith Yandle (Yandle is still a member of the Coyotes, but rumors of a deal are gaining steam).  Although admittedly this franchise has never been one to find themselves on the front page of any rumor mills.

The Red Wings’ front office is seemingly content to play from within, as shown by extending Kyle Quincey and Jonathan Ericsson, neither of which have been steller in their Red Wings’ respective tenures.  These tactics rarely please the Twitter-generation, who can hardly wait a season for progress, let alone multiple.  As annoying as Jordin Tootoo has been against the Red Wings over the last couple seasons, he doesn’t exactly move the needle as the premier offseason signing.

But is it really a problem?

I’m a firm believer that there is a plan, and that this organization has earned the trust of Hockeytown considering the last 21 seasons.  Could it be the impending labor issues, and that Ken Holland knows a lot more than the rest of us?  Certainly.  Could it be that all of these players were signing for well over value?  Possibly.  Might it be that this is how the Red Wings’ have always done it (and rather successfully)? Absolutely.

This team has made the playoffs in each of the last 21 seasons, and the franchise hardly ever looks to be in trouble.  Have some faith.  I certainly do.

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