NHL Rumors: Is Greg Jamison Really $20 Million Short?

By Jaime Eisner

Throughout the week, a story has gained steam via various news outlets that prospective Phoenix Coyotes owner, Greg Jamison may lack the necessary funds to purchase the team. Jamison reportedly needs $20 million more to reach the NHL’s asking price.

Readers need to understand that even though this story was picked up by NBC, Yahoo and others, this report centers around an article written by Mike Sunnucks, a Phoenix Business Journal writer. The point being, that even though many stories have been printed about the alleged short-fall of funds, they all reference Sunnucks’ story as the source.

The main issue is that Sunnucks never mentions any source, anonymous or otherwise, in his article. He states at the beginning of the article, “Prospective Phoenix Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison is approximately $20 million short of the money he needs to buy the hockey team and keep them in Glendale.” While it is not stated, Sunnucks may be referencing a story by Forbes that mentioned Jamison was short $20 million. Forbes cited “sports bankers” as the source.

Therefore, all the noise surrounding the Coyotes sale stemmed from one reporter, without a stated source, referencing another reporter with an anonymous source. The media cycle surrounding this story makes it seem that is it a fact that Jamison is short money when in actuality; everyone is taking the “sports bankers” word for it.

I also find it hard to believe that the “sports bankers” have inside knowledge of Jamison and his investors considering Sunnucks states in his article that, “Jamison has had potential investors and partners come in and out of his Coyotes bid on several occasions. He has never disclosed specific investors or partners.”

Jamison may or may not have all the funds at this time to purchase the team, but accepting that he does not as an absolute fact is to fall victim to argumentum ad populum; “If many believe so, it is so.”

**Disclosure: Mike Sunnucks and I follow each other on Twitter.**

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