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Philadelphia Flyers’ Captaincy Case Part 2: Daniel Briere

Daniel Briere would be a great choice by the Philadelphia Flyers at captain next season. A captain has many qualities in their repertoire, scoring, passing, communication, good leadership, longevity.

When Paul Holmgren became the interim GM for the Flyers during the 2006-2007 season, little was expected. Many fans were fed up with Bobby Clarke and his failed attempts to put a good team on the ice. Holmgren decided to take chances, something that Clarke was not always ready to do. So Holmgren’s first big contract was given out in the summer of 2007.

Briere was signed by the Flyers as a free agent on July 1st, 2007. He was Holmgren’s first big signing. Briere was brought over from the Buffalo Sabres to help Philadelphia with its’ offensive attack. Briere was coming off of the best season in his career where he recorded 95 points. Briere served as captain of the Sabres from 2005 through 2007. The Flyers signed the 30-year old Gatineau, Quebec native to an 8-year $52 million dollar deal that would keep Briere under control till he was 38. Bringing Briere over was a sign that the Holmgren was devoted to winning and he would take all the risks possible in order to make them succeed.

Injuries have plagued many of Briere’s regular seasons here in Philly but his efforts are much more respected by the media, the fans and especially his teammates. Though his numbers have never matched what they once were in Buffalo, Briere shows up night in and night out to perform as a professional athlete should in the city of Philadelphia.

In his career with the Flyers, Briere has recorded 267 points in 331 regular season games. But Briere’s numbers sky rocket when playoff time comes around. In 68 playoff games as a Flyers, Briere has 72 points. His biggest outburst was the 30-point playoff performance that he put on during the Stanley Cup run in 2009-2010. In crunch time, Briere has always been in the correct play at the right time, always filling the team’s need.

The Flyers are heading into this season without a captain. They also have one of the youngest core’s in the NHL. Claude Giroux may not be ready to take on the role as team leader. But maybe, just maybe their answer has been right in front of their eyes all along. There are times and places for everything and Briere is in the perfect place at the perfect time. I believe that this could be a good time for the Flyers to show how much they value Briere just as they did in 2007 by naming him the next captain.

David A. Cattai is the Featured Writer for the Philadelphia Flyers with Rant Sports, Beat Writer covering the Philadelphia Phillies’ for Buzz On Broad and Phillies’ Analyst for Philly Sports Nut.

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