NHL Rumors: Shane Doan Rules Out The Desert Dogs

By Michelle Drinnenberg

It’s hard to keep track of what’s going on in the life of Shane Doan. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a twitter, blog, or a facebook to keep us up-to-date with his every move and thought. The only thing we feed off of are the rumors that are put out there by credible sources and today I read an interesting rumor on Doan.

Doan is not staying in Phoenix (insert gasp here)?

Well, that’s a shocker to us all. Right? A team thats future remains uncertain is not a destination where Doan wants to play for. That sounds reasonable considering that he’s not getting any younger and he has yet to win the Cup.

It’s time for Doan to leave the desert.

There’s that saying, “There comes a point when the rubber has to meet the road.” In this case, Doan has to eventually sign with a team before the start of training camp and that location will be in a much cooler area. Being a family man, I’d like to think that Doan will pick up his pace soon; for the sake of his kids.

At this point of his career, there’s more important things than money; going to a playoff contender. And that is exactly what Doan is doing. He is now narrowing down the list of contenders, which as of now is Vancouver Canucks, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers and the newly added  Nashville Predators.

The Predator’s general manager, David Poile, told The Tennessean that he reached out to Doan and expressed interest in him. It is believed that even so, Doan will not be paying a visit to Nashville. Not because he isn’t interested, but because he is already acquainted with the team and knows the area. Or so that is the rumor.

As a Duck’s fan, the thought of not seeing Doan’s face in the Pacific Division is a relief. I just hope he doesn’t go to a team that has already stacked up their roster this offseason (ie: Red Wings or Rangers). I do think it will be unfortunate if Phoenix can’t hold on to the face of their franchise. After all, Doan did play for a year with the Winnipeg Jets before they made the move to become the Phoenix Coyotes. Will his departure hurt the fan base in Phoenix or will the team’s recent success making it to the Western Conference Finals suffice?

Either way, Doan appears to be done with the ‘Yotes. At least he may have answered one of our questions; baby steps my friends.

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