New Jersey Devils: Never Doubt the Genius of Lou Lamoriello

By Steve Palumbo

Late into another lazy NHL off-season and all is quiet of the eastern front for the New Jersey Devils. Of course, the summer started fast like the hare in that old children’s story and now it’s finishing like the tortoise from the same story. As much as things change in New Jersey, the strategy always remains the same – to put the best team on the ice come October, even if it done at a snails pace.

Many, including myself believed it was a forgone conclusion that Lou Lamoriello would enact a much aniticipation “Plan B,” and of course nothing happened and life remains ‘status quo.’  As of today, I’m not even sure there was a “Plan A.” Because if there were, that would signify a sharp deviation from the norm.  Typically, Lamoriello plays his cards close the vest and almost follows a “let the chips fall where they may” approach to all business dealings as they pertain to the Devils and its personnel.

I personally take offense to those that call Lamoriello’s tactics and genius into question. Have they forgotten all that this man has done for the organization? Have they forgotten that this is real life and not a video game? A general manager, even one as cunning and intelligent as Lou, has to work within certain boundaries. Those that stick to their guns and remain true to themselves and their ideals are the successful ones. Those that don’t often crash and burn faster then you can say…”mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.”

I was recently reminded of something I had seen before. A wise man once wrote…

We were all force fed a big fat piece of nothing pie. Not a peep, not a hint not even a glimmer of a hint. Just more silence. That is if you can block out the every increasing sounds of fans everywhere anxiously tapping their toes in frustration, growing steadily more impatient with ever tick of the clock that passes without any news worthy morsels.

Alas, I implore all thee nay sayers to remain steadfast and trust in the great and wise GM of Jersey. For it is he that ultimately knows what’s best for the Devils. Take solace in the fact that when there finally is news to report it will be both satisfying and fulfilling. It will address many of the concerns plaguing our beloved team and it will be done in a manner none of us could have imagined.

Yes, those words ring as true today and they did a year ago when I first wrote them. In fact, they mean more today than they did a year ago. Why? Because with a every new season comes new questions with new answers and that’s the beauty of why we watch.

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