Sidney Crosby Has Been "Symptom Free" According to Trainer

By Troy Pfaff

Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby has been “symptom free” according to his personal trainer Andy O’Brien on Pittsburgh’s 93.7 The Fan radio station. sidney crosby

O’Brien began the interview Tuesday morning by noting the difference between Crosby’s workouts this summer and last summer:

“The priority last summer was just to try and get him healthy,” O’Brien said. “We got up to a certain point and he started to struggle with symptoms again and then he ended up having an intimate recovery.”

O’Brien then told The Fan it’s been “so far so good this summer” and that Crosby has been able to “really push and challenge himself” with his current workouts.

This is exactly what Penguins fans need to hear.

The team’s inability to land any impact free agent whatsoever has led to some (deserved) negativity among fans, most of whom don’t consider their team the favorites to win the Atlantic Division, let alone the Stanley Cup.

However, the team with the two greatest hockey players in the entire world can never really be counted so long as those players remain healthy.

That’s been a problem for the Penguins and more specifically Crosby, who has missed 101 of the last 164 regular season games.

This year, it seems Crosby is ready to put his previous head and neck injuries behind him and should come into camp ready to dominate the National Hockey League like he has in every healthy season he’s played thus far.

If Crosby’s head issues are truly behind him and Evgeni Malkin is ready to dominate as he did last season, the Penguins should potentially have two players in the 50 goal/ 115+ point range, which would be something to see.

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