NHL Rumors: Did A Team Offer Shane Doan $7 Million Per Year?

By Jaime Eisner

Shane Doan’s agent, Terry Bross, spoke to Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News on Wednesday in regards to a status update on Doan.

In the article, Bross confirmed to Leonard that Doan only visited three teams on his tour. Those teams were the New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers and Vancouver Canucks. Bross also confirmed that a team outside of New York has offered Doan a 4-year deal worth $7+ million per season. It is a lot of money for a player who turns 36 before the season opener.

Do not fret just yet Phoenix Coyotes fans, Bross also said, “We’re trying to see this thing through with the Coyotes, and a decision could come at any time.” There is also no guarantee that the offer Bross refers to is even from a team that Doan would consider. Remember, Bross’ job is to get the most money for his client and will use any offer as leverage to get a better contract for Doan.

If Doan did sign a contract that large, it would be an almost $1.5 million increase in salary for a player who scored 50 points last season and is turning 36. At that price, Doan would be making a salary close to Sidney Crosby’s and a cap hit higher than Pavel Datsyuk’s. Because of Doan’s age, the team that signs him will be on the hook for his cap hit throughout the term of the contract, regardless of whether Doan plays or not.

Despite several rumors to the contrary, Doan has not ruled out signing with Phoenix. Doan and his agent have both reiterated numerous times that their first priority is to sign with the Coyotes. Bross has indicated that they are just doing their due diligence in case things do not work out in Phoenix.

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