Today in Boston Bruins History: August 8

By Emma Harger

Boston Bruins history for August 8:

2011: Patrice Bergeron spends his second day with the Stanley Cup. The day began with breakfast at the Chateau Frontenac, the giant castle-like hotel in Quebec City. Fresh orange juice was served from the bowl of the Stanley Cup alongside a great spread of food and drink. (Also, some of Bergeron’s entourage didn’t make it down to breakfast. Hungover, perhaps.) During breakfast, Bergeron received a fancy gold watch to mark his entrance into the Triple Gold Club, the Cup victory having cemented his role as the 25th member of the club reserved solely for players with a World Championship gold, Olympic gold and Stanley Cup victory. Fueled and ready for the day, Bergeron headed out on the street with his trophy, taking pictures along the way as he led a walking tour of Quebec City’s excellently-preserved old-style architecture. As he walked, he drew attention from passersby, but he stopped to interact with them when possible. Done with his walking tour, he went to his friend’s house and posed for more pictures because his friend is a professional photographer. He also popped in for a visit at his brother Guillaume’s house. In the evening, he hosted a little gathering at his house alongside his girlfriend Stephanie. In the expansive backyard of his house is a half-sized ball hockey court where a game was already underway, so he ended up jumping right in and playing too. Such a fitting end to his two days with Lord Stanley.

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