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NHL Rumors: Sale of Phoenix Coyotes is nearing completion

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According to multiple outlets, Greg Jamison is finalizing his purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes and it is expected to be announced sometime in the next week. Obviously this is great news for the Coyotes and their fans, as they won’t have to worry about their team moving to Quebec City or Seattle in the near future.



The sale of the Coyotes to Jamison and his group of investors means a number of good things for the franchise. For one, they will no longer be owned by Gary Bettman and the NHL, making personnel decisions for the organization that much easier. It’s too bad for the Coyotes that this couldn’t get done in late June, for they might still have Ray Whitney. Second, they now have a great chance to reel Shane Doan back in after he’s been flirting with other teams as an unrestricted free agent.

It hasn’t been a secret as to why Doan has been taking his sweet time in the free agency process. He’s wanted to remain the Coyotes’ captain all along. The uncertainty of the situation forced him to at least test the waters and weigh his options. Now that the Yotes’ situation seems to be stabilizing, the chances of Doan staying with Phoenix are very high.

Jamison’s purchase of the Coyotes cannot come soon enough. Once it’s done with, Phoenix can focus its attention to the ice and bringing back the one player who they know will draw fans into Arena.

Nothing is official yet, but it looks like the Coyotes are here to stay.

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