2012-2013 Season Questions and Predictions

By Tony Moreno

Here are some fun questions for you fans to ponder about the St. Louis Blues in the upcoming season.

Who will lead the Blues in points? David Perron was on fire coming off his injury and certainly boosted the Blues offense in more ways than one.  Last season he managed 42 points in 57 games and had the best points per game on the team.  I think Perron will carry this into the upcoming season and lead the Blues with 70 points.

Who will be the Blues leading goal scorer? Again, David Perron will take this.  With a ridiculous shot and Tj Oshie and David Backes setting him up, I predict Perron will score 33 goals this season.

Who will lead the Blues in assists? While Perron will lead in goals, Alex Pietrangelo continues to improve and will have another great season.  With his offensive upside and leading the rush on the power play, I believe Pietrangelo will 43 assists.

Which Blues prospect will have the biggest impact? While the Blues may have quite a few prospects searching for a roster spot, Vladimir Tarasenko is the Blues prized prospect.  With a great season in the KHL, he will be more ready than any prospect coming in.  He will have a legitimate shot at the Calder Trophy and I feel he will be a candidate after finishing the season with 40 points.

Where will the Blues finish at the end of the regular season? With their current roster and how they played last season, the Blues will have a good chance at taking the Central Division once again.  However, can they take 1st in the conference or win the President’s trophy.  As much as I would love to say yes, I don’t quite see them grabbing that.  I feel 2nd place in the conference is most likely.

Which player on the Blues is the most likely of being traded? The Blues have many options at forward and with Jaden Schwartz and Vladimir Tarasenko stepping into bigger roles, this leaves Matt D’Agostini as the odd guy out.  While he is a solid 2nd or 3rd line player, the Blues have players to fill his role now.  Also, if Chris Stewart remains quiet, he is another trade possibility.

Most of these predictions are based on the roster how it is now and a healthy team.  So what are your predictions?  Please feel free to comment or even send me a tweet @TonyMoreno20.

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