Why Bobby Ryan Will Stay On Anaheim's Roster

By Michelle Drinnenberg

No trades have been made and there hasn’t been any new rumors heard in weeks.

Bobby Ryan remains as an Anaheim Duck and it’s a month before pre-season will commence; that is if a lockout doesn’t kick in. Let’s hope it stays that way; that is, Bobby Ryan stays on the roster.

It has been a couple of months since the publicized quarrel between general manager Bob Murray and star forward Bobby Ryan took place. Since then, things appeared to have simmered down or so we hope after how last month concluded. In July, all of the hot commodities in free agency have found a home. Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, Shea Weber, Jordin Tootoo, Alexander Semin and also Rick Nash, but he was involved in a trade. Now, the free agency buzz has completely fizzled and as a Duck fan this is a good thing.

Bobby Ryan is mainly the only big name left in the rumor pool. The return the Ducks would get in a trade wouldn’t suffice since the serious bidders have left the auction. Bob Murray wouldn’t be able to justify trading a proven 30 plus goal scorer away in order to appease the player’s earlier request and in return get the short end of the stick. A request which was made clear, “either trade me or stop throwing my name out at your disposal.” It is in Murray’s best interest if he just did the smart thing and not only keep Bobby on the team, but put the Bobby Ryan rumors to rest. The kid has been busy having his stats speak for itself all while at the end of last season, publicly tells Murray he wants to be traded to the Philadelphia Flyers. Why would a young player who once called El Segundo his home ask to be traded? Maybe because trade rumors involving his name have been looming while he has showcased that he should clearly earn a permanent roster spot in Anaheim. Bobby might not have gone about things professionally, but he is still young enough to make the mistake of puting his frustrations out there for the media. It’s apparent that Bobby is fed up about what is happening behind closed doors.

With the return of Teemu Selanne and the acquisitions of Sheldon Souray and Bryan Allen, the Ducks have had a positive offseason by adding depth and size. Why ruin that by trading your number two overall pick in the 2005 draft who has proven he can be a consistent threat in the league? Rather, build on this offseason momentum and never utter Bobby Ryan’s name in a rumor again. By doing so, it’ll show Bobby that he is essential player on the team and that he isn’t going to be treated like the “ugly swan.” Bobby deserves better than that. Bobby told the Courier-Post:

“Anaheim, to me, has been a team over the past year that really has shown me nothing to prove that they want me here, unfortunately. Obviously, it’s not the ideal situation. When you get drafted, you want to win championships with that team and every time they look to add a piece to the puzzle, I’m the piece going the other way.”

You can’t help but think that sooner or later Bobby will feel the repercussions of serving his thoughts on a platter to the media. I pray that Bob Murray’s days in Anaheim will be outnumbered before he makes sure that Bobby gets the boot first.

If Murray sends Bobby Ryan packing then I hope, in the process, he packs his bags too.


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