Tyler Seguin Stars in New Under Armour Ad

By Emma Harger

It’s been a busy summer for Tyler Seguin, between road trips with his friends (and the car troubles that resulted), participating in All-Canadians and taking more pictures of his puppy Marshall. Back on July 4, though, he found himself in Hamilton–near Toronto–to film a commercial for Under Armour clothing and gear. He didn’t divulge much about the shoot at the time, except to retweet a picture of him on set with the co-star of the ad, none other than Carey Price from the Montreal Canadiens. Another photo from behind the scenes showed that the set appeared to be some sort of rundown old building. Other than that, and an allusion to an underwear shoot that Seguin said his friends would never stop teasing him about, the rest of the details were yet to come.

Now the ad is out and basically it shows the two men from rival teams working together to clear old car parts out of a large warehouse-type building so they can have a nice space in which to play hockey. Check it out here:


Seguin is easily able to move a giant Dumpster full of old car parts and other heavy-looking pieces around when Price, soaked from a downpour outside the warehouse, joins him to help out with the cleanup. They then continue to throw things around–Price pulling a heavy chain and tossing around heavy things is reminiscent of Olympian Ryan Lochte‘s intense exercise regimen, which includes rolling giant tires–and finally a space is cleared and a pickup ball hockey game can begin.

The video includes a link so customers can shop the products advertised and other Under Armour gear. Seguin and Price are featured prominently, plus the site is offering free shipping to new customers who might be interested in picking up some of the gear shown–even if they may not be able to then clear out a warehouse full of old car parts and play some hockey.

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