Can Tyler Seguin Enter The League's Elite In 2012-13?

By Randy Holt

It’s unlikely that the Boston Bruins and their fans were teetering too far onto the side of concern after Tyler Seguin‘s first season as an 18-year-old. But after just 22 points in 74 games in his first year with the club, you did have to wonder a bit how long it would take for him to get in there and contribute regularly.

As it turns out, it didn’t actually take very long, as Seguin put together a brilliant season as a 19-year-old in 2011-2012.

What started in the 2011 postseason continued into the regular season last year, as Seguin became a regular in the Boston box score. He posted 67 points on the year, playing in 81 games. He tallied 29 goals and 38 assists, as well as 15 points on the power play, while finishing an absurd plus-34 on the season.

We know the skill is there for Seguin. He played much of the year at wing, making him versatile as a natural center who found success on the wing, and he’s a strong two-way player. But can he be elite?

The answer to that question is probably a huge, resounding ‘yes’. We’ve seen the potential. He showed us what he can really do last season. He has a deadly accurate shot and his game still has a ways to go to achieve its actual potential, as Seguin still has a bit of a way to go in his physical development as well.

The only question might be when Tyler Seguin might be able to reach that elite level. Could we consider him in the game’s top 10 or 12 players by the end of next season? That might be setting the bar a bit too high. But it isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility.

Seguin is going to be an elite scorer in this league for a long time. As far as the offense goes, it may not be too long into next season before we can slap the elite label on him as an offensive talent.

But this guy is the real deal. He’s going to be a mainstay on the top line for the Boston Bruins for a long time. If what we saw from Tyler Seguin last year is any indication, he’s going to be an elite player in the National Hockey League very soon. So just sit back and enjoy the ride.


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