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NHL Rumors: Mo-town In Trade Talks For Jay Bouwmeester

It appears that in the wake of the departure of Future Hall Of Famer Nicklas Lindstrom and Brad Stuart, who decided to try things again in San Jose, the Detroit Red Wings are looking to acquire a top defenseman. It goes to say, without a doubt, that Lindstrom’s retirement left a gaping hole on Detroit’s roster. Lindstrom is one of the best defensemen, ever, to be in this league. It will take some time getting used to not being able to spot number five in red.

All the more reason why Detroit is looking to make a deal with the Calgary Flames to acquire Jay Bouwmeester.

I think Bouwmeester would be a good fit on the finesse-filled Detroit roster. Bouwmeester, whose 6-4 and 212 pound frame isn’t known for pelting bodies against the board. The 29-year-old defenseman also hasn’t quite found his groove in recent years averaging around four goals a season and is overall a minus player. His numbers essentially don’t live up to the hype of being a 3rd overall pick in the 2002 draft, but you can’t help but think if Detroit’s general manager, Kevin Holland, wants him then there’s a reason for it.

Interesting fact: the majority of Flame’s players have a no-trade clause in their contract.

Who’s to say they are going to trade him anyways? This offseason, Calgary acquired defenseman Dennis Wideman who played on the Washington Capitals last season. This may imply that Calgary doesn’t need the services of Bouwmeester, who will be getting paid $6.68 million for the next two seasons of his contract. After all, Wideman comes with a hefty price as well; 5 years for $26.25 million to be exact.

If I were a Calgary fan I’d a fan of a trade if it means increasing the cap space, maybe getting some picks and players in return and bid adieu too a disappointing defenseman. On the flipside, I’d probably say that Red Wing’s fans trust their management’s judgement and ability to mold any player into a perennial one. Regardless, I don’t think anything will come of this.