NHL Rumors: Shane Doan Set To Remain With Phoenix Coyotes?

By Randy Holt

As old as the ownership saga of the Phoenix Coyotes might be, it’s providing a nice release from the incredibly depressing CBA negotiations between the NHL and the players’ association.

And, of course, any talks that are related to the Coyotes’ ownership situation is directly linked to the future of Shane Doan. Both have taken a rather positive turn lately for the Coyotes organization and their fans.

The deal for the sale of the Coyotes to Greg Jamison is looking more and more to be a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’, and with that would likely mean the eventual re-signing of Shane Doan.

Doan has said throughout this entire process that his preference is to remain in Phoenix, but if the ownership situation isn’t settled soon, then he would seek out a new contract elsewhere. Of course, he’s also seeking an absurd amount of money from prospective teams, which only reinforces the idea that he’d prefer to stay.

As the days wear on, the chances of Doan remaining in Phoenix only seem to increase. And several reports within the Phoenix area have Doan heading in that same “when, not if” description as the ownership saga.

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This shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise. Though Doan has talked to several teams, no one has really taken the thought of him in a sweater that didn’t have a coyote head on it seriously.

Once the Phoenix Coyotes are finally able to announce their sale, I wouldn’t expect a Doan announcement to come too long after. Heck, Shane Doan may even be standing alongside Jamison in a dual-announcement. Talk about a brilliant PR move.

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