New York Rangers: 5 Songs That Should Be Considered For Rangers Entrance Music

By nicholaskrapf

In my personal life, music fits my every mood. When I’m working out, I’ll play some rock or hard rap to pump me up. When I feel like dancing, I’ll play something with some electro beat to it. When I want to relive my past, I blast some 90’s tunes which usually consist of Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. When I’m feeling sad, I’ll play some Adele. No matter how I’m feeling, I can always find a song that fits the mood I’m in.

Music in sports, works a bit differently, especially in hockey. Entrance music and goal songs help contribute to the adrenaline rush, from the players and fans when the game is just beginning, and when a goal is scored.

I happen to already like the goal song of the New York Rangers. It’s catchy and it gets the crowd pumped.

As for the entrance music, it needs a big face lift. While Unstoppable by Minute Til Midnight features some great guitar riffs and has a nice beat, the singers vocals, are too smooth. Normally, this would be a great thing, but it doesn’t excite me. It puts me to sleep because of how monotone it is.

With that here are five songs the Rangers should consider for their entrance music for the 2012-13 season. Warning some songs may have explicit lyrics, not suitable for young children.

5. MGK- Invincible feat Ester Dean

Normally rap and hockey don’t go well together, but MGK’s Invincible featuring Ester Dean is a song that can work very well. The song has been featured at other “sporting events” such as WWE WrestleMania 28, where it was the official theme song for the event. The beat is very rockish, and MGK brings so much energy with his lyrics. Ester Dean’s smooth voice changes the pace of the song nicely.

4. Adelitas Way- Cage The Beast

On a personal note, Adelitas Way is one of my favorite bands to listen to. Much like MGK, Adelitas Way first gained popularity through music they did for WWE, which included “It’s A New Day” and “Invincible”. Cage The Beast was featured on their second album, and is one of their “harder” rock songs on the album. The first ten seconds of the song, are nice and soft, until the heavy guitar riffs and loud drum playing comes in. Also, lead singer Rick Dejesus has such a great voice that can rock Madison Sqaure Garden.

3. Rev Theory- Hell Yeah

Known as the theme song for the former Spike TV show “Blue Mountain State”, Rev Theory’s “Hell Yeah” provides an explosive punch. With amazing guitar riffs, high energy and a very catchy chorus, this song would be great for the Rangers to come out to. Also, many teams have used it as a goal song, including the Buffalo Sabres, Winnipeg Jets, Washington Capitals and the New York Islanders. After all, who doesn’t love screaming “Hell Yeah” at the top of their lungs?

2. A Day To Remember- All I Want

I’m not the biggest hardcore rock/screamo fan out there, but I truly enjoy listening to some songs from A Day To Remember. “All I Want” is one that I enjoy listening to when I work out. It brings a lot of energy, the chorus is catchy, especially all of the “whoas” in the background. Jeremy McKinnon, lead singer of the band has such a great voice, that truly energizes all of his fans. However, this song falls short to the number one song on the list which is…

1. Switchfoot- Dark Horses 

Great lyrics, a great beat, catchy chrous, and a great voice from the singer. All that mashed together makes Switchfoot’s Dark Horses the number one song the New York Rangers should enter the ice to.  Even the title “Dark Horses” works well with the Rangers. While they may be favorites this year, many of their critics believe they will fall short once again. However, the team and the fans believe in them making them “dark horses” to win it all this year. Corny? Maybe, but this song would blow the roof off Madison Square Garden which would be a great boost for the Rangers at home before the game starts.


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