NHL Rumors: Is The CBA Preventing The Phoenix Coyotes Sale To Jamison?

By Jaime Eisner

On Thursday, Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic published a story online using the headline “Labor deal has Phoenix Coyotes in limbo.” The headline and subsequent story has been picked up by other news outlets two different ways. Some have interpreted the story to mean that the Shane Doan signing may be delayed. Others have interpreted that the CBA is slowing or stalling the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to Greg Jamison.

No where in the article does it say that the ownership deal has been stalled by the CBA process despite the several stories written to the contrary citing McLellan’s article. The only mention of ownership comes from a Don Maloney quote, “We’re still waiting on our ownership situation to be resolved. It’s still trending positively. We’re still very optimistic about it. Once that happens, hopefully we can re-sign Shane to a deal that works for both of us.” So is the CBA really holding up the Coyotes sale? Or, has the story become something it was never intended to be? It sees that the latter is the case. When asked if the CBA negotiations are affecting the sale of the Coyotes, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said: not at all.

On August 9, Carl Pavlock of Five For Howling published a story saying that sources have indicated that the sale of the Coyotes has been completed but there was no timetable for an announcement. The article cited a source that worked for the Coyotes as the main source and had two more, one named and one anonymous, confirm. The story is consistent with the positive trend of news in August about the sale of the team and Jamison’s finances.

Things take time, $200 million sales do not happen over night. As Joyce Clark ,Glendale city councilwoman for the Yucca District which includes Westgate and both stadiums, said on her Twitter account on Friday, “Everyone relax, stop speculating. Deal will [be made] when it’s ready, not before, no matter how excruciating the wait for all of us.”

Disclosure: I write for Five For Howling in addition to Rant Sports.

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