Today in Boston Bruins History: August 19

By Emma Harger

Boston Bruins history for August 19:

2011: Johnny Boychuk spends his day with the Stanley Cup in Edmonton. He began the day with his family: his parents, his brothers, his new wife Sheena, all stopping off at a steakhouse with Stanley to fuel up for the day. Once full of good food, Boychuk took the Cup to a children’s hospital in the area and then back to his parents’ house. The obligatory nice photos of the Cup were taken, but then something else happened–everyone heard a car, specifically an Aston Martin convertible from 1952 customized with a special paint job in black and yellow for the Bruins. The leather seats had a bruin on the headrest, the glove compartment chrome and the exterior paint job itself sported Bobby Orr‘s signature–this tricked-out Bruins fan mobile belongs to a car dealership owner in a nearby suburb who is quite obviously a big fan and let Boychuk take a spin in his car for the special day. The car’s a two-seater, but that still gave Boychuk enough room to put Stanley in as his passenger. After experiencing that sweet ride, Boychuk went over to Rexall Place, home of the Edmonton Oilers, where he posed beside the bronze statue of Wayne Gretzky hoisting the Cup. Then he caught site of a giant fake Stanley Cup outside a bicycle shop and went over to take a comparison shot with the real one. Boychuk was also given a procession into Fort Edmonton Park, a huge history museum, where more than 500 people were waiting to see the Cup and get some pictures and autographs. Befitting the fact that the province of Alberta is rather similar to Texas in many ways (chief among them the abundance of oil), Boychuk ended his big day at a country music club.

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