Justin Williams Is Quietly A Big Part Of The Los Angeles Kings

Every team in sports has at least one guy who doesn’t get anywhere near the attention or praise that he deserves. For the Los Angeles Kings, that guy is forward Justin Williams.

Williams is easily overshadowed in a group of forwards that includes the likes of Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar, and now Mike Richards and Jeff Carter. But Williams has his own role on this team that makes him a very big part of the Los Angeles Kings.

Without Williams, a Stanley Cup title may not have been possible for the Kings. We don’t often see what goes on behind the scenes, but Williams, who had already won a Cup with the Carolina Hurricanes, was no doubt an important piece of that locker room during the run.

In his third full season with the Kings, Williams turned in his second season of more than 5o points, finishing with 59 for the year. He was a big piece of the power play during the regular season, with 19 of his 59 coming with the man advantage, though he wasn’t able to help the miserable unit much in the postseason.

During the Kings’ run to their first Stanley Cup title in franchise history, Williams was a steady contributor. He notched 15 points in the 20 games that the Kings played, including two streaks of points in at least three consecutive games.

Heading into the new season, Williams is once again expected to take his place on the Kings’ top unit next to Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar. If he can stay healthy, another productive season is likely going to be in the cards for Justin Williams. He won’t get the pub that some of the other guys on this team get, but he’s certainly proven to be a key piece of these LA Kings.