Edmonton Oilers Sign Taylor Hall to 7-Year, $42 Million Extension; What Does Deal Mean?

By Dan Lizee

The Edmonton Oilers signed Taylor Hall to a 7-year, $42 million extension today. In my view, it’s a good day for Edmonton Oilers fans and a good deal for both sides. I speculated in a previous article that a six-yea, $36 million deal would have been fair for both sides, but there’s nothing wrong with tacking on an extra year. The only risk I see in this deal is Taylor Hall’s health, but it’s not enough of a risk to sign the contract. It’s a good sign to see the Oilers be committed to a star player.

What Does This Deal Mean for Taylor Hall? It means he has one more year of his entry level contract and then he starts earning the big bucks, which is a part of a hockey player’s dream. Taylor Hall has security and has the trust of management to be the franchise player they are hoping for him to become. The next stage that Taylor Hall wants to see from the Oilers is a commitment to winning. If he feels that the Oilers aren’t holding up their end of the bargain, he could always demand a trade.

What Does This Deal Mean for the Oilers? The Oilers have Taylor Hall for eight more years. They get to mold him into the player they hope he becomes, eventually taking on a leadership role with the club. It also means the Oilers have to start making more of a commitment towards winning hockey games and putting functional pieces around Taylor Hall. The Oilers need Taylor Hall to emerge as the leader and the face of the franchise. The Oilers have made a commitment to Hall and now it’s time for the Oilers to make a commitment to its fans.

All in all, this deal sets up a nice structure going forward for the rest of the Oilers’ young guns to follow suit. The Oilers have made a commitment to Hall and Hall has made a commitment to the Oilers. Now, its time for both sides to be committed to winning.

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