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Evander Kane trade rumors surfaced, shot down again

Twitter was buzzing with Evander Kane trade speculation on Thursday after CTV reporter Julie Stewart-Binks tweeted that Kane asked to be dealt according to “inside sources.”



The interesting part of that tweet is in the last few words. Isn’t Evander Kane already the face of the Winnipeg Jets? If he isn’t, I’d say he’s pretty close to being it. After all, he’s the leading goal-scorer on a team pretty thin on firepower.

Obviously it’s unclear where the CTV reporter got her information, but it was quickly squelched by the Jets after Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press did some digging.



This is the second time this summer that a reporter claimed to have heard from “inside sources” that Kane requested a trade. The first report was shot down by Kane’s agent back in June and now this one has been declared false by the Jets. Neither Kane nor his agent has commented on Thursday’s “news” yet, as things have been pretty quiet on their end for a while.

With the collective bargaining agreement getting closer to its expiration date, it’s likely the money is what’s dragging this whole process out. The Jets want an affordable long-term deal done, while Kane likely is looking for big bucks. I think he will eventually get what he wants. However, these trade request claims popping up and then being put down or denied as made for an uncomfortable summer for Jets fans.

With the CBA in doubt and so many NHL folks on different pages, don’t expect anything to get done anytime soon, whether it’s Evander Kane signing a contract, the Jets trading him or a new CBA miraculously being agreed upon.