NHL Interview: Jordan Staal on Pittsburgh's The X

By Stephanie Lewark

This past Wednesday Mark Madden from Pittsburgh’s 105.9, The X, welcomed former Pittsburgh Penguin Jordan Staal to his afternoon show for his first interview with him since being traded to the Carolina Hurricanes.

He didn’t really uncover anything too new or that we wouldn’t have expected, but it was pretty interesting.  Below are some of the highlights from the interview (the questions and answers have been paraphrased).

  • Madden started the interview by telling Staal that he never thought it was important to him to play with his brothers (that he never got that impression from him) and asked if he was wrong.  Staal replied that it hit home when he signed deal that even though the offer from Pittsburgh was for 10 years that the opportunity to play with his brother, Eric, would be an opportunity “next to nothing” and a “neat opportunity”
  • He then asked Staal if he anticipates playing on a line with Eric (who are both centermen) and who would be center.  Staal didn’t know and said that it doesn’t matter that much since they’ll find chemistry with whoever is playing wing and then make it happen
  • Madden asked Staal how weird it was to get traded the week he got married and Staal replied that it was definitely a tough moment and it was right in the middle of the reception; they were finishing up dinner and walking around talking to guests and his agent came up to told him he was gone.  He went on to say that it felt like he was in a different world, so he went straight over to talk to the guys [on the team] that came to the wedding; he said it was tough because they are very great friends of of his but it was a good way to say goodbye
  • Madden finally brought up the fact that he was the third line center here in Pittsburgh and was probably never going to be anything other than that and asked if it was frustrating for him.  Staal was honest with his answer and did admit that it was one of the reasons he decided to move on; he explained that when Sidney Crosby was out of the lineup, he had the opportunity to play on the second line and more on the power play and that when Crosby came back and he moved back to the third line, it was hard even though he was willing to play anywhere at that time for a chance to win.

To hear the interview in it’s entirety, visit Mark Madden’s podcast page at 105.9 The X (CLICK HERE).

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