ESPN's Uni Watch Rankings Don't Favor Chicago Blackhawks

By Randy Holt

There’s been quite a bit of buzz around the ESPN blog, Uni Watch of late. The popular blog spent the week ranking each uniform in the four major sports. I’ve enjoyed reading and much of their choices they got absolutely correct.

As there are questions with any series of rankings, this one was no exception. There were questions all over the board, starting with the lowest rated NHL sweater on the board, which was the Colorado Avalanche in the bottom 25.

The Montreal Canadiens took home the top spot in the rankings, which is hard to argue with, and it’s nice to see an NHL squad grab that honor. But in the case of the Chicago Blackhawks, their ranking is certainly a questionable one.

The Hawks came in at 49 overall on the rankings, and 11th in the NHL rankings. They weren’t the lowest Chicago team, with the Chicago Bulls falling quite a bit lower, but both the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs managed to grab spots in the top five of the final rankings.

Even more puzzling are a couple of the teams ahead of the Hawks in the NHL rankings. Both the Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets came in ahead of the Blackhawks. Really?

From Uni Watch:

There are more colors in Chief Blackhawk’s headdress than most teams have in their entire uniform program (all rendered in beautiful jewel-toned chain-stitching, to boot). Against the white background of the road uniform, those colors pop. But the red home uni is so loud that the chest design can’t compete with it, like a pop tune that gets drowned out by a heavy metal anthem. Yet another argument for the NHL going back to wearing white at home.

So essentially, the brightness of the Hawks’ home uniform is what penalized them. That’d be somewhat understandable, if it wasn’t the bright red Habs who took home the top spot.

At the end of the day, it’s a ranking from a network that doesn’t care too much for the NHL anyway. Among NHL fans, players, and experts, the Chicago Blackhawks still boast one of the top uniforms in the sport, if not the top. The indian head is classic, as are the tomahawks on the shoulders.

Whether it’s the home red or road white, good luck finding a better uniform in sports than the Chicago Blackhawks, no matter what they say over at Uni Watch.

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