NHL Rumors: Is Jordan Eberle Next In Line For A Big Contract?

By Dan Lizee

With Taylor Hall fresh off signing a 7 year, $42 Millon deal, is Jordan Eberle the next in line for a big raise from the Edmonton Oilers? It should be the next order of business on the docket for the Oilers. Hall and Eberle figure to become two of the staples of the hockey club going forward.

With the signing of Hall, the Oilers have set the bar in terms of the ceiling it will hand out to players. Everyone else will have to fall in line and if they don’t, they will likely feel the backlash of the fans and community. Eberle is in that situation. We will see shortly if Eberle is going to be comfortable in his role going forward.

I think its fair for Eberle to demand the same money and term as Hall, but I don’t believe that he should be getting more money than Hall. Even though Eberle outscored Hall last season. Hall is on the cusp of becoming the emotional leader and perhaps future captain of the Oilers. Eberle’s skills are undeniable, and I’m hoping Eberle is fine with his Robin role to Hall’s Batman, but Hall’s game has an infectious energy while Eberle is more of a silent assassin. Hall is the player that will rally the troops while Eberle can be in his role and contribute endlessly.

All in all, the only reason I could see the Eberle balking at a long term deal is because, he feels he might be able to become “the man” on another club. I hope this isn’t the case, and I doubt it will be. Oilers need Eberle just as much as they need Hall, and there is plenty of room for both of them to thrive in Edmonton.

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