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Bruins Rank High on ESPN Uni Watch

It may have been a “crazy idea” in ESPN’s own words, but their ESPN Uni Watch, ranking 122 teams from the four big leagues in terms of their uniform design, actually turned out to be a good thing for the Boston Bruins.

The Uni Watch rankings are separated into categories based on league, but there’s also an omnibus list of all 122 in order. The Bruins are in the top five for both lists.

In the NHL-specific list, the Bruins come in second with this very nice writeup:

A traditionalist’s dream, the Bruins’ set has everything a hockey wardrobe should have: a strong, bold crest, sharp colors, tasteful stripes and a killer throwback option. First-rate.

When the NFL, NBA and MLB enter the equation, the Bruins finish fifth overall.

Considering that prior to the introduction of the Reebok Edge jerseys in 2007, there was a time when the Bruins wore alternate sweaters adorned with what have sometimes been described as Winnie the Pooh bear heads, this is a big improvement. I would hope that the Winter Classic sweaters got some consideration and could very well be the reason for the mention of a “killer throwback option.”

With the team’s 90th anniversary coming up soon, the team should consider looking to its storied past for creating a sweater to honor their 90 years of existence. But maybe they should just ignore the Winnie the Pooh bear heads altogether when crafting a commemorative design.

Bruins fans should also note, though, that the Montreal Canadiens topped both the NHL-specific and overall lists. The rivalry continues.

The other Northeast Division teams–the Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres–came in 24th, sixth and 12th respectively on the NHL list. The Senators were razzed for the centurion in their logo, who apparently has “always felt a bit lacking in gravitas.” The Leafs were praised as “another case of an Original Six team that totally gets it.” The Sabres get points docked for unnecessary elements on their uniforms, but earn some praise for their reworked logo.