Edmonton Oilers Player Profile 2012 – Darcy Hordichuk

Darcy Hordichuk is a minor fan favorite of the Edmonton Oilers, much like Lennart Petrell is. He has a small pocket of fans that appreciate what he beings to the table. Others would rather not see him around at all because of his limited hockey skills. I understand why the Oilers brought back Hordichuk for another year, but I’m not sure it was an astute hockey move.

Hordichuk, much like Petrell, is a specialist. He plays, on average, a little over 4 minutes a night. He goes on the ice and runs into as many things as he can. Looking to drop the mitts and change momentun for his team. He’s good at what he does and isn’t shy about doing it, but that doesn’t stop his skillset from being limited.

Hordichuk is a good team guy and knows his role. How or when the Oilers will deploy him is still very much in the air. I figure a lot will depend upon injuries thoughout the Oilers lineup and how much the Oilers lineup is getting pushed around. Whatever offense Hordichuk can compile during the season will be seen as pure bonus.

If I Could Grant One Wish – Appreciation: Everyone knows the strengths and weaknesses of Hordichuk’s game, there are no secrets there. For better or for worse, I think, as Oilers fans, we have to deal with the fact that Hordichuk will be taking one of the extra forward spots on the Oilers. There isn’t a lot invested in Hordichuk, so if the need to put him on waivers arises, the option is there. There will be some games where we wish he wasn’t on the roster but there will be other games that we will be glad he was there.

Prediction for 2013 – He will play in less than half the Oilers regular season games: Hordichuk is here for a good time but it shouldn’t be for a long time. If Hordichuk is forced to play in more than half the games, then the Oilers are likely in for a long season, as it means there is either a lot of substandard play going on or the team was ravaged by injuries. Hordichuk is a role player and he will play in specific matchups. More likely against divisional opponents.

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