Today in Boston Bruins History: August 29

By Emma Harger

Boston Bruins history for August 29:

2011: Brad Marchand enjoys his day with the Stanley Cup in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Though Hurricane Irene was still posing a problem and still creating stormy weather, Marchand didn’t let that ruin his day. The first stop of his Cup day was at his grandparents’ house for a nice healthy breakfast–of an entire box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, eaten from the Stanley Cup itself. Once all the leftover sugar was scrubbed from the bowl, Marchand took the Cup to the IWK Health Center Hospital for visits with patients, their families and staff. He spent a lot of time especially in the pediatric ward with the kids. Hurricane Irene didn’t rain on his parade, literally, when he took to the streets of Halifax for a parade to City Hall, where the mayor proclaimed Aug. 29, 2011 Brad Marchand Day in the city. After his mayoral honoring, Marchand headed out to Hammonds Plains, where 3,000 people waited in that city’s arena to see their hometown boy and Lord Stanley. They held a raffle where 63 lucky people won special meet-and-greets and picture opportunities. Marchand then took a bit of a drive in a gorgeous Viper and returned to Halifax for the rest of his celebration. The Lord Nelson Hotel played host to the party, attended by Marchand’s sisters Melissa and Rebecca, his brother Jeff, his parents Kevin and Lynn and 400 of their closest friends. Before this Cup day, Kevin had given his son a talking-to about the importance of not overindulging in the celebratory aspect of summer 2011, provoked mostly by the way Marchand partied at Foxwoods Casino. As a result, Marchand reined it in a little bit, but still had a good day nonetheless.

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