Today in Boston Bruins History: August 30

Boston Bruins history for August 30:

2011: Michael Ryder has his day with the Stanley Cup in Newfoundland. Even though he’d already been traded to the Dallas Stars by this time, he was still entitled to a Cup day. He started the day in Newfoundland’s capital, St. John’s, where at the time he was having a new place built in the city and wanted to get some pictures in his new, as-yet-unfinished home. Ryder also met with the Premier of Newfoundland, Kathy Dunderdale, in a rooftop ceremony downtown.

This is what Ryder’s Cup day is probably best known for–whoever assembled the table for the Stanley Cup to sit on during this event didn’t secure all the table legs properly, so the table caved in and the Cup got dented. However, the dent was knocked out of it and everything was fine in the end.

After that little oopsie, Dunderdale and Ryder hopped on a helicopter for the trip from St. John’s to Bonavista. The helicopter touched down in Bonavista, Ryder got in the back of a pickup truck, and then had a parade through the town with more than 4,000 people there waiting for their sight of Lord Stanley. He took the Cup to Cabot Stadium, where there was a special event for kids in the town minor hockey association and their families. While at Cabot Stadium, he visited with every single person there.

Bonavista’s mayor, Betty Fitzgerald, welcomed Ryder home in a public ceremony by the stadium and then it was party time complete with autographs and pictures. Ryder capped off his day at his parents’ house, having a nice dinner of burgers and seafood with guests, accompanied by a rowboat full of ice and drinks.

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