Boston Bruins Are One of the Smartest Spenders in Sports

By Emma Harger

Some sports teams are known for throwing money around as if it grows on trees and not investing well, but not the Boston Bruins. Bloomberg, one of the biggest names in business, recently did a study of the 122 teams in the four big pro sports and found that the Bruins are among the smartest spenders in both the NHL and all four leagues.

Bloomberg calculated this data by looking at payroll data from the past five seasons and figuring how much teams spent per win in the past half decade. Then they compared each team against the league average to create what they refer to as the efficiency index. For each league, the median efficiency index is zero, so the lower the score per team, the less a team spent on its wins. Smaller numbers are better in this case.

But wait, there’s more–teams get bonuses for big victories, like the ones that put them up above .500, playoff wins and championships, so the 2011 Stanley Cup win definitely helped the Bruins’ score.

So, with the methodology explained, here’s how the Bruins did:

Efficiency index of -1.3156 (if low numbers are good, negative numbers are very good)

Average payroll for the past five seasons is $56.2 million (league average is $51.7 million)

45.60 regular season wins for the past five seasons (league average 41)

Five wins over .500 for the past five seasons (league average 2.65)

7.20 playoff wins for the past five seasons (league average 2.91), including a championship

Overall, the Bruins scored sixth out of 122, but when you just look at the NHL teams, they rise to third out of 30 behind two other recent Stanley Cup champions, the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins. Among just the NHL teams, no other Northeast Division teams show up until the Montreal Canadiens at 13 and the Toronto Maple Leafs bring up the rear. Not having playoff appearances at all recently certainly hurt the Leafs in terms of having a low efficiency score.

The headlines right now are dominated by financial discussions of a different stripe, of course. It’s nice to know that the Bruins are pretty good with their money, though.

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