Chicago Blackhawks Named One Of The Smartest Spenders In Sports

By Randy Holt

Well, that’s certainly a nice change from where this franchise was just a few short years ago.

The Chicago Blackhawks were named one of the “smartest spenders” in sports this week by Bloomberg Businessweek. The Hawks came in at no. 10 on the list of sports teams overall and were no. 4 in the NHL, behind the Detroit Red Wings (no. 2), Pittsburgh Penguins (no. 3), and Boston Bruins (no. 6).

The formula for calculating how smart of spenders the Hawks are essentially came down to how much they spent on wins. Included in the “wins” group was also wins above .500 and playoff wins, as well as championships. All records were taken into account for the past five years.

When you consider the type of core this team has in place, for the amount they’re paying in comparison to what other players are making around the league, it isn’t hard to see why the Blackhawks rank near the top of the list.

For proof that their roster is financially savvy, look no further than Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook.

We’ve seen some ridiculous contracts handed out to even the most mediocre of defenseman. Yet the Hawks have a pair of elite blue liners in Keith and Seabrook, with Keith making $5.5 million and Seabrook making $5.8. By comparison, Matt Carle, a second pairing defenseman on most teams, is making the same as Keith.

Both Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane make $6.3 million a year. Patrick Sharp, an elite player in his own right, makes under six. Even Marian Hossa‘s cap hit is just $5.25 million.

The Hawks have quite possibly the best collection of top tier talent in the National Hockey League, outside of maybe Pittsburgh. And with the recent contracts, they almost look like a bargain. It’s no wonder they’re near the top of this list. Now if only they could get the right mix of role players around them..

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