Protest At NHL Offices In New York

By Rob McMahon

NEW YORK — With talks halting between the NHL and NHLPA in attempts of working out a new collective bargaining agreement, a lockout looks all but certain in the weeks ahead. The NHLPA has made several counter offers to the NHL in which the owners would make a fair amount of money in return, while the NHL has been firm in their offers and not wanting to budge.

NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman, announced on Friday that the NHL feels “stonewalled” by the recent offer by the NHLPA and that no further talks were scheduled, but both sides would be willing to talk if needed. This is where the fans who will truly be the only ones hurt in the end with a lockout need to step up and voice their opinion on the matter. On September 15th, 2012 at the NHL’s offices in New York a group will form to protest and let their voices be heard.

The players have stated they would play under the current CBA and continue to work out a new deal to assure no games would be missed. Bettman and the NHL have other thoughts in mind, stating that no games will be played until a new deal is worked out because the league simply can not continue with it’s current deal.

Let me remind you that the deal that’s currently in place is the one owners fought for seven years ago to put in place. The same CBA that is currently in place was said to have ticket prices for the fans reduced by Bettman, as it would save owners money.

However ticket prices since 2005 have seen an increase of 39% which has helped lead to the increase of revenue the league has seen and the owners are wanting a bigger slice of the pie.

Let it also be known that since the last lockout, Bettman’s salary has increased from $3.7m to $8m this upcoming season, which he will make no matter what. Donald Fehr, the executive director of the NHLPA however will not be paid if there is a lockout, even though he’s working hard for the players to get them the best deal possible.

Those attending the New York NHL headquarter protests are doing so under the agreement that they will not spend any more money on future games until Gary Bettman is removed from his position.

There has already been two lockouts since he’s been instated as commissioner of the NHL with a third potentially on it’s way, and fans have had enough of it. If you can’t attend the New York event but would like to start something in your area, feel free to contact and he may be able to help you organize it or spread the word to others in the area.

You can also check out the site or their Twitter account @NoHockeyLockout for more information in the coming days and weeks leading up to the event.

I’ll be posting more as events develop and information becomes available to me.

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