Today in Boston Bruins History: September 2

By Emma Harger

Boston Bruins history for September 2:

1943: Glen Sather (full name Glen Cameron Sather) is born in High River, Alberta. Prior to becoming the president and general manager of the New York Rangers, Sather spent a decade playing in the NHL, starting with the Bruins in 1966-67. However, he was picked up by the then-new Pittsburgh Penguins in a 1969 intra-league draft, so he wasn’t along for the ride as the Bruins won the Stanley Cup twice in the 1970s. He also played for the Rangers, Blues, Canadiens, North Stars and Oilers back when Edmonton was still part of the WHA and assumed the head coaching position of that team once he retired. So, though he was behind the bench each time, he still won each of the Stanley Cups during the Oilers’ golden days. He joined the Rangers’ front office in 2000.

1957: Bobby Gould (full name Robert Alexander Gould) is born in Petrolia, Ontario. Gould’s time with the Bruins didn’t come until the end of his career at the end of the 80s, by which time he’d already played for two different teams, relocated with a team, hit his career high of 50 points and hit Mario Lemieux in a fight that sent Lemieux to the hospital with a broken jaw and kept him from fighting again for nearly a decade. (Gould said he just wanted to get Lemieux off the ice for five minutes and didn’t think about hurting him.) So, in his last NHL season, he helped the Bruins hit the Stanley Cup Final by defeating his old team, the Washington Capitals. The next season, he played for the AHL before retiring.

1981: Brian McGrattan is born in Hamilton, Ontario. McGrattan is an enforcer who once established the AHL’s all-time record for penalty minutes in a season with 551. That’s just over nine hours spent in the penalty box, feeling shame. He played for Ottawa and Phoenix, spent time in the NHLPA’s substance abuse program (no further details), scored a Gordie Howe hat trick while with Calgary and played for the Bruins for a  time in the 2010-11 season, although entirely with Providence. However, though his time in the Bruins system was short, he struck up a friendship with Milan Lucic that continues now that both players are on Twitter. McGrattan was the first Twitter user Lucic interacted with upon recently joining the service and he attended Lucic’s Bahamas wedding to Brittany Carnegie, congratulating the “mutants” (a term of endearment, of course) on their happy union. Now, McGrattan is with the Nashville Predators.


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