Brian Elliott Tosses Chips in Wisconsin

By Krista Golden

Looks like St. Louis Blues goaltender Brian Elliott had a bit of an adventure in Wisconsin.

Elliott, who played for the University of Wisconsin hockey team from 2004-2007 and resides in the state in the offseason, competed in the 38th annual Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw, held every Labor Day weekend in Prairie du Sac. The object of the contest is simple: throw cow chips (aka cow pies, aka cow poo) as far as you can in hopes of advancing to the final round.

An interesting fact about the contest concerns the chips themselves. This year, the drought that has plagued most of the country affected the production of cow chips, so contest officials had to dip into their reserve of 150-200 chips.

Elliott tweeted about his experience, from taking a picture of his official number to even snapping a picture of the pile of “chips” to be tossed:

If you guys didn’t know what I am competing in today….here’s a quick snap shot. More pics and results to come later

The chip pile! Getting that nervous energy that fuels competition… funny

After round one.measurement of 139.5 feet. Not too shabby. Let’s see if I make it to round two!

A respectable 139 didn’t do it….nice to know the world record is at about 250 feet… But I did get this beauty pic

As he tweeted, Elliott’s toss didn’t allow him to advance to the second round. For the record, the winning toss was recorded at 211 feet, and the state record for a cow chip throw is 248 feet.

Thus ends a memorable summer for the Jennings Trophy winner as he waits for the next hockey season to begin.

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