NHL Montreal Canadiens

Protest Scheduled for Bell Centre In Montreal On September 15th

MONTREAL – As the chance of a lockout in the NHL grows closer and the current collective bargaining agreement set to expire on September 15th another protest is scheduled for fans to voice their opinion.

As I reported Friday a fan protest is scheduled at the NHL offices in New York to let their voices be heard in front of some of the NHL’s executives. Now things shift to Montreal as well where fans will gather at the Bell Centre, home of the Montreal Canadiens to protest against their owner.

Montreal is one of the oldest teams in the NHL and historically has won the Stanley Cup more than any other team as well as having some of the most passionate fans in all of sports. Now they’re standing up and letting it be known that they will not settle for another lockout. The protest will be held at 1909 avenue des Canadiens-de-Montreal, Montreal, QC H4B 5G0, Canada and if you plan on attending please be safe and respect everyone attending as well as the laws, the purpose of the events are peaceful demonstrations to let your voice be heard.

A second protest as previously reported will be in New York at the NHL offices (1185 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036). If you cannot attend either event but would like to get involved at your home arena feel free to e-mail protest@nohockeylockout.com with your information and he may be able to help you get started.

Times on both protests are still to be determined based on response and feedback. Also keep in mind that if you bring bullhorns or other such devices a permit will be required in order to do so, the organizer at the New York protest will have a permit on hand for anyone who wishes to use a bullhorn or speaker system. You may also make and bring signs to the protests, just remember to keep them clean of course.

Also if anyone in the Toronto area would be interested in organizing a protest at the NHL offices in Toronto feel free to contact the above e-mail for information on getting started.

Any other information on protests can be found at Www.Nohockeylockout.com  as well as information on the current CBA negotiations ongoing between the NHL and NHLPA.