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Rant Sports Top 100 NHL Players : No. 93 P.K.Subban

While their 2011-2012 campaign was dark and dreary, the  Montreal Canadiens  do have a very bright spot on their roster.

Apart of one of the worst defenses in the entire NHL, P.K. Subban shined.

Subban managed a plus/minus of +9 on a struggling defense and was a workhorse on the back end. He played a ton of minutes for the Canadiens last season. The only 23-year old has the potential and talent to become one of the premiere defensemen in the entire league.

So, what is there to like about this budding superstar?

In two words, a lot.

The young Subban is a very physical player, who also maintains an explosive shot from the point. His combination of grit and a raw skill-set make Subban an extremely versatile option on the blue line. Although his play style is seen as aggressive, Subban also has some silky mitts. He can handle the puck well and is one of the better offensive defensemen in hockey, providing a lethal option on the man advantage.

However, that doesn’t mean he won’t try to get under the opposition’s skin.

Subban plays with that “in your face” mentality, and will try to throw you off your game. He is the type of player you love to have on your team, but hate to play against.  Not to mention, he will often drop the gloves and throw some punches.

The amount of potential P.K. Subban has is scary. Defensemen in the NHL usually take longer to develop than other skaters, which means Subban will get much better than he already is. He is already the face of the Habs franchise at just 23 years old. P.K. plays with fire and energy, which in return, makes those around him better.

After finishing last season with a record of 31-35-16, the Canadiens aren’t exactly a top team in the Eastern Conference. Subban will be the key to the team becoming relevant once again. He provides a plethora of excitement to the hockey-crazed city of Montreal. His end to end game is fun to watch, as well the physical intensity he plays with. The Habs will go as far as Subban can take them, as he is quickly becoming their rock. I cannot stress enough how scary the amount of potential he has is. Subban is still developing, and hasn’t even hit his prime yet.

It is going to be awfully fun watching P.K. Subban transition into an elite blue-liner in the NHL. He has the physicality, skill-set, passion and work ethic to earn that title.

Although he is ranked at number 93 on our list, I can ensure you the next time around, he will be much higher.

The Rant Sports Top 100 NHL Players series will examine the top 100 players all across the league. Look for more from the top 100 soon!