NHL Rumors: Ice Edge Holdings Back In The Picture?

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An ESPN.com report, from Scott Burnside, surfaced late Tuesday night. It confirmed what prospective Phoenix Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison had said a few days prior. The article did have some new information. The report mentioned that Ice Edge Holdings LLC is back in the ownership picture and it gave a date for which issues with the City of Glendale could be resolved.

The report read, “A source confirmed to ESPN.com Tuesday evening that suitor Greg Jamison, the former president and CEO of the San Jose Sharks, has finally arranged financing that would allow him to purchase the team from the National Hockey League for $170 million, and that any issues with the lease agreement between the City of Glendale and Jamison’s investors for Jobing.com Arena, where the Coyotes play, are expected to be resolved by the end of September.” It continued, “Among the investors, who have to this point remained unidentified, are some members of the Ice Edge Group, a collection of Canadian and American businessmen who at one point were front-runners to buy the team themselves.”

Coyotes fans should be familiar with the name Ice Edge because not only were they front runners to purchase the team at one point, they were also linked as investors to the Matthew Hulsizer deal which ultimately failed. Coyotes fans should also recognize the name Anthony LeBlanc, who is the CEO of Ice Edge Holdings and has attended Glendale city council meetings and met with fans in the past.

The other new development in the ESPN.com report was that any lease issues between the Jamison group and Glendale would be resolved by the end of the month. This comes after reports from the city stated they wanted Jamison to buy the team before signing the lease. There were also reports that Glendale wanted to make some changes to the 20-year lease agreement that passed 4-2 on June 8.

NOTE: A report by the Phoenix Business Journal on Wednesday stated that former Coyotes minority owner John Breslow, may be a “part of the new hockey regime in Phoenix.”