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Anaheim Ducks: Jonas Hiller Unveils New Mask for Upcoming NHL Season

Jonas Hiller of the Anaheim Ducks has had no shortage of masks over the years. In fact, unlike a lot of goaltenders, he’s usually good for a new mask at least two times per season. It’s really just all part of Hiller’s disposition and personality, and regardless of how you feel about how he changes looks so often, it’s never disappointing to get to check out some new mask art from an NHL goaltender.

For a look at Hiller’s new mask you can check out this link to an article on the Ducks main website. Additionally you can find a few extra shots and angles on this article from padstracker.com. The mask is true to Hiller’s style, maintaining the gold caging and black base that he typically uses for his masks. Last year I wrote an article for Bleacher Report on the top 10 goalie masks in the NHL. It’s hard to say if I would put this mask that high up on the list, but I’d certainly give it a second look, as it offers the culture and creativity that I was looking for when ranking the masks.

The overall theme of the mask and perhaps the concept that sets it apart from Hiller’s other designs, is the strong depiction of local orange county culture. The left side of the mask is decorated with a silhouette of a surfer with palm trees in the background giving an evident nod to the orange county beach going community.

To the right you’ll be greeted by an outline of the Honda center, complete with a car filled parking lot and a few extra palm trees to continue the beach theme. Making a return from some of Hiller’s old masks is Poseidon, who can be found on the back plate drawn up with an incredible amount of detail.

The addition of gold striping, the Ducks logo, and an orange piping around the perimeter, reminiscent of the Ducks third jersey, completes the look to near perfection. For the sake of Hiller and his mask, and all hockey fans hoping to see their team hit the ice this year, I hope he gets a chance to sport it. Soon.

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