Shane Doan Speaks About Greg Jamison's Deal To Purchase Phoenix Coyotes And More

By Jaime Eisner

As the headline of the recently posted story by The Arizona Republic’s Sarah McLellan reads, Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan has indeed broken his silence. Thursday afternoon, Doan talked with Dan Bickley and Mike Jurecki on XTRA 910 AM regarding an update on his status as well as talk about the team.

Doan was asked first about his Sept. 15 deadline and if it was truly a “drop-dead deadline” for him. Doan said it was, and added, “I will be signed by midnight on the 15th. I’ll sign somewhere. My goal is to sign here, and I’ve told everybody.” He added, “We have a deal worked out that we just want to make sure that the team gets signed and that everything gets done and it gets done before the 15th.” For those who don’t know, the current NHL collective bargaining agreement expires on the 15th and the league has vowed to lockout the players if no agreement occurs before that date.

The discussion shifted to prospective Coyotes buyer, Greg Jamison. Doan was asked what he knows about the Jamison deal and he had this to say, “Mr. Jamison has the money. Mr. Bettman has said it’s all good, according to the NHL, and it’s going to go through. It’s just a matter of getting the lease agreement done now.” He also added that he believes Jamison is a “world-class owner.” Later in the interview Doan revealed that the money needed for the purchase was in escrow.

Doan ended the interview with this to say, “I’m probably always going to remain very optimistic. Maybe to a fault, but I’m very optimistic that it’s going to get done in the next few days. People always say, ‘They’ve been telling you the same thing for three years.’ It’s different now. Mr. Jamison has been cleared by the league. He has the money in escrow. The lease agreement was done already once, so the core issues of it are done. Everything’s in place. We just need the city to sign off on it because everything else is done. And the city, obviously the deal with the city has been worked and talked about so much and the city has been helping out with keeping the Coyotes here and they’ve done so much. It’s not like anyone’s saying it’s up to them, but that’s the last piece. If that can get done, then everything is really in place for this franchise not just to survive but flourish and I’m excited about that.”

The news that came out of this interview just confirmed previous reports from ESPN and Jamison himself that the money is there to complete the purchase and the last hold up involves the City of Glendale. There is just over a week remaining before Doan’s deadline. Glendale will have a city council meeting on Tuesday Sept. 11, which could contain Coyotes related dialogue.

NOTE: If you would like to read the transcript of the interview you can do so by clicking here.

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