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Shane Doan Wants to Stay with Phoenix Coyotes

UPDATE: Shane Doan has chosen to stay with the Phoenix Coyotes, per Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic. However, he is waiting to sign until the team’s ownership is announced–the deal is centered around whether or not Greg Jamison purchases the team and could very well change if something goes wrong with the purchasing process. The following provides more details about what’s going on and Doan’s desire to stay in the desert.

The offseason saga of free agent Shane Doan continues to chug along, but now Doan has a new deadline for making a decision about where he will be next season.

His agent, Terry Bross, said that his client will sign somewhere before Sept. 15. Mark that on the calendar of Shane Doan deadlines: Sept. 15. Yes, that’s the day the current collective bargaining agreement expires and, despite the fact that that deadline does not mean the start of an immediate lockout, the league has plans to lock out the players.

Bross did not say exactly what team Doan would sign with, though.

“Shane is going to sign a contract before the CBA expires on the 15th,” he told the Arizona Republic. “[Coyotes ownership has to] be done before the 15th, otherwise we’re signing somewhere because we don’t know what the new CBA is going to look like, and I don’t know if it’s going to limit any scope of a contract, so we want to make sure we sign before then … I guess, from that respect, time is ticking.”

Greg Jamison, who is attempting to purchase the Coyotes, is still looking for other investors to help boost his bid for the team. Recently, it was reported that Ice Edge Holdings could be back in the ownership picture. Doan said that the money is there and being held in escrow.

“Mr. Jamison has the money. Mr. Bettman has said it’s all good, according to the NHL, and it’s going to go through. It’s just a matter of getting the lease agreement done now. Obviously that was done earlier. Now there are some things they decided they wanted to change, which obviously can delay things. With that being said, I think that Mr. Jamison and the league have stated it’s really up to Glendale and Glendale, they had it done for awhile. So it’s not like it’s been up to them up to this point. But there’s a couple things they want to change, and hopefully they can get the changes done and approved in the coming week,” Doan told XTRA 910 sports radio in Phoenix.

Interestingly, Doan said that he was told ownership would be settled by June 20 or 21, which would’ve allowed him to stay with the Coyotes and not become a free agent in the first place.

Doan wants to stay in Phoenix, the only team he’s ever played for, and has made that known on many occasions. That doesn’t mean that other teams have withdrawn their interest in him, though: rumor has it that the Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh Penguins, Nashville Predators, New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks all have looked at Doan becoming part of their teams.

However, Doan said that he’s narrowed it down to two or three teams–not naming names, though.

He added that he wants to stay with Phoenix because he likes what is there: the coach, the general manager, the goalie, the defense, etc. He emphasized that he’s been treated well by everyone in the Coyotes’ front office and likes that they’ve respected his time to make a decision, especially considering that he needs to think about his family.

Click here to see a full transcript of Doan’s radio interview.