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Edmonton Oilers Player Profile 2012 – Justin Schultz

Justin Schultz is a player that is entering his first season with the Edmonton Oilers with a lot of hype. After holding an auction for his services after leaving the Anaheim Ducks, Schultz finally decided on the Oilers much to the delight of every Oiler fan. After years of getting shunned by player after player, it was a breath of fresh air when a player of Schultz’s profile and pedigree chooses the Oilers over the other 29 teams. I’m not sure if Oiler fans quite grasp the significance of obtaining Justin Schultz. He is a vital piece of the Oilers’ rebuild going forward.

What does Schultz bring to the Oilers? He brings an ability to make good decisions with the puck and mobility, two things badly needed on this Oilers defense crew. To give one word to describe his game, that word would be smooth. He is an effortless, heads-up skater. He also gives the Oilers another right handed shot option on the powerplay. He will look good taking feeds from Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on the powerplay.

If I Could Grant One Wish – Experience: The things that will hold Schultz back this year will be in game experience and handling the rigorous schedule. Schultz seems like a sharp player, but there is no substitute for playing the games. Once he gets into the pool and gets wet, he’ll be in the deep end in no time. In time, I believe Schultz will become that quarterback defenseman that the Oilers have been looking for.

Prediction For 2013 – Will Lead Oilers Defensemen In Points: The opportunity for Justin Schultz to compile points will be there if he is ready to take on that role. If Schultz is ready to hit the ground running, I don’t know how he cannot take this mantle considering the lack of other options on defense. It’s pretty much predetermined that Schultz will make the team considering the length the Oilers went to win his services. He would have to be some kind of awful not to make the club out of training camp. Schultz is one of the pieces that will enhance the Oilers offense, whats needed is some defensive complementary pieces that will keep the goals against at a low number.