New York Rangers: How Underrated Is Ryan Callahan?

By Randy Holt

With so many high profile captains in the National Hockey League, it’s easy for some to get lost in the shuffle, even if they do play in large markets. Look no further than  Dustin Brown for an example of how underrated a captain can be.

But in an even bigger market, Ryan Callahan, captain of the New York Rangers, doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the player that he has become for the Blueshirts. He’s not only among the league’s most underrated captains, but he’s one of the more underrated players in the league overall.

Callahan has been a solid player in his time with the Blueshirts, though his career has been one of injury and some inconsistency. That was, of course, until he was named captain of this team last summer, replacing Chris Drury.

The Ranger captain put together his best season as a pro last year. It was a season of career-highs, with Callahan finishing with 54 points on the year, potting 29 goals. Where he really had a successful season was on the power play. Cally finished with 21 power play points, finishing near the top of the league with 13 goals with the man advantage.

Similar to Dustin Brown out west, Callahan also plays the physical game in a big way. He finished with 271 hits, which was good for fifth in the league, and second in the Eastern Conference.

Callahan isn’t the type of guy who is going to put up big points. But he’s still a very strong player in the offensive end, when you combine that with his physical play, and the intangibles, he’s a fantastic captain for this club, even if he doesn’t get the credit for it that he may deserve.

Heading into the new season, whenever it ends up starting, the Rangers are a team favored to make a serious Stanley Cup run. As much talent as there is on this team, Callahan will be right in the middle of their success. And if the Rangers are able to get over the hump that stopped them last season, he may finally get the credit for it.

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