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Bruins Head to New York for Negotiations, Have Fun on Train

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Photos from Andrew Ference (@ferknuckle), Tyler Seguin (@tylerseguin92) and Milan Lucic (@MilanLucic4) on Twitter.

After holding another informal practice at Ristuccia Arena this morning–one in which the intensity was ramped up and reportedly Zdeno Chara looked frustrated when one of his shots rang off the crossbar–much of the team piled onto an Amtrak train and headed for New York to participate in negotiations between the NHL and the NHLPA.

On the way, they decided to actually have a little fun on Twitter, much of it orchestrated by Andrew Ference. Ference’s day began bright and early when he joined about 300 other runners–and the You Can Play Project’s Patrick Burke–in running the stairs at Allston’s Harvard Stadium as part of the November Project. Burke joined the mission on a dare, Twitter goaded him and supported this effort via monetary donations to You Can Play, but both Burke and Ference managed to run 1,000 steps.

So in one day, Ference fitted in running the stairs, a high-energy practice and a trip to New York for negotiations. Other people might use the train trip to maybe take a nap. Those other people are not Ference.

(He didn’t reveal the names of the people from the other teams, but since Keith Yandle is both a Coyote and from Massachusetts, that could be who the Coyote is.)

He also gave his followers a look at who was nearby on the train.

The responses he got supposedly broke his phone. It’s a good thing the iPhone 5 is coming out soon, right?

Fellow tweeting Bruin Tyler Seguin got in on the fun, too.

They haven’t tweeted since arriving in New York–surely too busy getting information–but maybe on the return trip home, they’ll have a little fun tweeting again.

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