NHL Fan Protest Scheduled For Tampa Bay On September 15th

By Rob McMahon
Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE


Fan protests over the impending NHL lockout are beginning to pop up all over, first at the NHL offices in New York, then in Montreal and Boston at their respective teams arenas. Now Tampa Bay will be added to the list of cities that will be hosting a fan protest, for fans to voice their opinion and disgust of the impending lockout on September 15th. The organizer of the protest “Jay” has been a longtime Tampa Bay Lightning season ticket holder, since 1996 to be exact, and decided to form a protest once it became more clear that a lockout would happen.

When I first heard about the No Hockey Lockout protest that were going to be at the NHL’s NY headquarters I told my wife that we need to do something in Tampa. So I tried to get a little buzz going within a group of fellow hockey fans that also have season tickets to see if we could get some people together on Sept 16th if there is a lockout. I also tried to tweet it out with hash tag #nhlfanstrike but still really did not get much buzz. Then I noticed on the No Hockey Lockout site that they were looking for other cities and I figure I would see if I can get Tampa on the site and piggy back off their buzz and move it to Saturday.

Jay is a 39-year old IT Manager and says he’s as big of a Lightning fan as you can find, he even has a Lightning logo tattoo’d on his leg since 1998. Together with his wife the two worked along with “Russell” the creator of www.NoHockeyLockout.com in planning the protest scheduled for this Saturday. Gathering information from the local police and working with them to make it a safe, but successful event.

I am a season ticket holder so my tickets are already paid for, for the upcoming season (when ever that is), but if we lose games again that will be the last money the NHL gets from me.

If you’re interested in attending the protest on Saturday, September 15th in Tampa feel free to contact someone at www.NoHockeyLockout.com for more information. Also feel free to check out the site if you’re interested in forming a Fan Protest at your teams arena.

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