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Should Jonathan Toews Play In Europe Or Use Lockout To Rest?

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Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

The hours are drawing near for the Saturday, September 15th in which a new CBA needs to be agreed to or the NHL heads to another lockout.

As it draws near, and once that deadline passes, we’re sure to hear about which players could bolt and head for other leagues overseas. Most are bound for either Russia or somewhere in Europe. Some may head to the AHL, and others may take advantage of it and work out on their own.

The latter route is something that I think Jonathan Toews need to at least consider.

The 2011-2012 season started out fantastic for Toews. He was on his way to a Hart Trophy nomination and was scoring at a pretty impressive clip. Then his second concussion in as many years derailed that. He missed almost two full months and was unable to return until the postseason.

Toews performed well in the postseason, but still didn’t look to be at full strength. When you consider the fact that Toews, himself, admitted to trying to play with the concussion initially, you have to wonder how healthy he was when he came back towards the end of April.

If the NHL lockout takes place, as many are expecting, it presents an opportunity for Jonathan Toews. He has already said he’d look for other places to play, but the month or two that the lockout is expected to last could allow him to get completely healthy, even if he says he is.

Toews may very well be completely healthy. But he has a concussion history now. Playing overseas when he could be spending the time to workout and get back to absolutely 100 percent may be the wrong move for the captain. But if he says he’s at full strength, who am I to tell him not to play over in Europe?

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