Los Angeles Kings: Short Lockout Would Have Its Benefits

By Randy Holt

Pending some sort of miraculous occurrence, the National Hockey League will be locked out once again on Saturday. How long it will last is unknown, but optimists  have the season slated to begin in November or December.

A long lockout doesn’t benefit anyone, but one that lasts only a month or two would benefit a few teams that have key players recovering from surgery or injuries, or went deep into the postseason. The Los Angeles Kings fall into both of those categories.

The Kings took home the Stanley Cup last season, and perhaps the only negative that comes along with that is the short summer that follows. The Stanley Cup hangover has been in the thorn in the side of champs the past few seasons, whether for a stretch or a whole season.

With their style of play and deep roster, the Kings are probably as hangover-proof as it gets. But don’t underestimate the toll that their 16-4 run on the way to their first Cup ever took.

LA has a few players recovering from surgery, none more important than Jonathan Quick, who underwent a “minor” back procedure. He was expected to be ready for the season, but a few extra weeks will help. Simon Gagne has a mass removed from his neck. And that doesn’t include the various injuries sustained all over the roster en route to a title.

As much as well all hate the idea of any lockout, there’s no doubt a short one could benefit the Kings. That pertains to no one more than Jonathan Quick. Now if only we knew if it would actually be a short one or if it’s time to settle in until December 2013.

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