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NHL Rumors: Sidney Crosby Talking To KHL Club?

Marc DesRosiers-US PRESSWIRE

With the NHL lockout now officially upon us, the destinations of where certain stars will be playing during the lockout should be determined very soon. Some have already bolted for Russia, or have been sent to the AHL. But what about the biggest name in the game?

According to reports, the representatives for Sidney Crosby have contacted Metallurg Magnitogorsk over in the KHL. There is a limit of how many NHL players each club from the Russian league can hold on their roster during the lockout, so it would probably require a great number of details to be worked out.

Metallurg is the same club that his Pittsburgh Penguins teammate Evgeni Malkin, as well as Sergei Gonchar have already joined. Crosby has expressed interested in playing over in Europe or Russia during the lockout, and Metallurg would seem to be a prime destination for him.

You do have to wonder if whether or not making the jump over to Russia, or to Europe, or wherever, would be the right move for Crosby, though. Given his recent concussion history, would he be better served to stay over in North America and continue to work out, just to be on the safe side?

Crosby has declared himself to be at 100 percent, though, which means that he will very likely seek out somewhere to play. Just because Crosby’s reps have contacted Metallurg, however, doesn’t make it a sure destination. That limit on NHL players would be a holdup, and negotiations don’t really seem to have progressed with either side.

Nonetheless, this still an interesting tidbit. We now know that Sidney Crosby is actively looking for somewhere to play during the lockout, so his destination will be something to monitor moving forward.