Philadelphia Flyers Coast Into 2012 NHL Lockout

By Mark Donatiello

Eric Hartline – US PRESSWIRE

Suddenly, the quiet and somewhat disconcerting Philadelphia Flyers offseason doesn’t seem so scary.  With the 2012 NHL lockout officially underway, the Philadelphia Flyers avoided making moves that could cripple the franchise after a new CBA emerges.  The Flyers have room to make a move once the uncertainty of the NHL lockout passes, but are safe from the volatile financial changes that may be coming.

When the Nashville Predators matched a front-loaded contract offer to restricted free-agent Shea Weber, the Philadelphia Flyers appeared desperate.  An Andrej Meszaros injury heightened feelings that the Philadelphia Flyers blueline was too great a liability.  With Chris Pronger out indefinitely, the roster seemed incomplete.  However, as tumultuous CBA negotiations and the owners’ apparent attack on player salaries continues, the Philadelphia Flyers are well-positioned for any number of NHL lockout resolutions.

In addition to avoiding a desperate mistake on the blue line, the Philadelphia Flyers did not make a move for a top-line forward.  The packages being demanded for elite forward talent like Bobby Ryan and Rick Nash would have derailed the development efforts of the franchise.   As the NHL lockout begins, such discipline proves even more important.  Top prospects on two-way contracts will be able to continue to play in the AHL through the lockout.

While the 2012 NHL lockout represents a horrible collision of greed and neglect for the fans, the Philadelphia Flyers are ready for a work stoppage.  Once the uncertainty of the lockout passes, the Philadelphia Flyers can acquire the necessary pieces to build a championship team.  If a drastic change occurs, the Flyers won’t be hurt by it.  All in all, this unproductive offseason could prove to solidify the Philadelphia Flyers as a contender for years to come.

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