Andrew Ference Surprises Bruins Fan in the Hospital

By Emma Harger
Andrew Ference visiting Dennis Sullivan in the hospital. From Sullivan (@Dennis_Sully) on Twitter.

Eighteen-year-old Boston Bruins fan Dennis Sullivan was given a tough hand of cards to play in his life, but he’s playing as best as he can. He has cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that especially affects the lungs, causing lung infections, difficulty breathing and abnormally thick sticky mucus. It’s a disorder that often requires a lot of hospital visits and treatments that can really disrupt someone’s life, especially a young guy like Sullivan.

Well, even though he’s in the hospital right now, he’s still showing his Bruins pride. Yesterday, he tweeted Andrew Ference a picture of what appears to be a Dennis Seidenberg jersey from the 2011 Stanley Cup Final hanging in his hospital room. The second number, 4, is visible, and Sullivan’s name-twin Seidenberg wears 44, plus he’s a big tough defenseman, so it makes sense.

Pretty much every hockey player on Twitter gets tweets like these from fans. I’ve seen a lot of them, especially requests for retweets regarding this cause, that charity, et cetera. Most of the time, all that happens is the player retweets them, and that might just make their day, but Ference went above and beyond the call of duty.

Not only did he retweet Sullivan and wish him a speedy return to health–

This morning, he actually paid Sullivan a visit in the hospital. First, he asked via Twitter if Sullivan was awake and ready to receive visitors, but then he made good and stopped by to send his well wishes in person.

What a nice guy. Now here’s hoping he can get back to work soon, right? Of course, that won’t stop him from continuing to do kind things around the city. Nothing could stop that.

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